Breakout 10
  • Wednesday 09:00am

    Community Wildfire Preplans — Keeping them off the Shelf

    Peter Ensor

    Peter Ensor

    Peter Ensor is a 28 year veteran of the fire service and currently the Mgr. Electoral Area Fire & Emergency Programs for the Capital Regional. In addition to being a qualified fire officer and a professional accountant Peter is a certified Emergency Manager and Deputy Director of the CRD’s EOC. He was active during the Kelowna wildfires of 2003 and was responsible for preparing the Town of Hinton for wildfire following the Slave Lake Wildfire of 2011.

    Stew Walkingshaw

    Stew Walkinshaw

    Stew Walkinshaw is owner/operator of Montane Forest Management based in Canmore, Alberta and specializes in interface community planning and fire operations.

    Session Description

    Community wildfire preplans need to be operationally useable on the “hood of the truck” when the fire is coming over the hill into town.  Stew and Peter will discuss the benefits of having a community wildfire preplan, key components, and different formats that you may wish to consider for your preplan as well as some of the considerations of how to use a hood of the truck plan and the benefits from a resident’s perspective.