Breakout 13
  • Wednesday 10:45am

    Traumatic Incident Response Tracking

    Wayne Jasper

    Wayne Jasper
    CFFF Director & Bell Lets Talk Ambassador

    33 years in the Fire Service, 30 as a career firefighter with CFB Esquimalt Fire Rescue (retired in 2016). 3 years prior as a volunteer firefighter.
    10 years on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation as LODD Application Committee Chairman.
    9 years as an Auxiliary Constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (retired).
    Recently invited to act as a Bell Lets Talk Ambassador
    Delivery conference and individual department presentations on PTSD Awareness and Prevention.

    Session Description

    PTSD is finally being recognized as a serious injury to first responders. Over the past few years, awareness and understanding have been in the forefront but what do we do now? How do we know who may be susceptible? Is there anything we can do to help with early detection? We currently record and document religiously any hazardous material exposures during responses but do we track exposures to traumatic incidents? In most cases, this answer is no. This session will offer detailed suggestions on the various important data to be recorded for follow-up tracking after a Traumatic Incident. It will offer reasons why this data should be collected.