Breakout 3
  • Tuesday 13:00pm

    Changing Business during an extreme weather event.

    Speaker 1

    Asst Chief
    John Lehmann
    Surrey Fire Dept

    John Lehmann is a 30 year veteran of the fire service with the last 25 years as a career member of the Surrey Fire Service. In his current role as Assistant Chief of Operations/Training, he is responsible for the department's training branch, assisting in operations planning and fills an Operations Duty Chief role. His background is in Public Safety through the JIBC and Human Resource Management through BCIT. Contact him at

    Session Description

    During high call volume events (extreme weather or natural disasters) or maintaining service while one or more significant incidents are occurring, every fire department, regardless of size, feels pressure to continue to provide services to their citizens. Decisions to reduce or change response protocols can be difficult and through the use of response modelling, the Surrey Fire Service has developed a program that is implemented when needed.
    This session will outline the Surrey Fire Service's process for changing its business rules (response protocols) to increase response capacity with minimal or no impact on actual emergency service delivery.