Breakout 4
  • Tuesday 13:00pm

    Project Management for the Volunteer Chief

    Dale Christensen

    Dale Christenson

    Dr. Dale Christenson is the president and founder of the Project Management Centre for Excellence Inc. Prior to that work he was the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Business Transformation and Learning Services Division as well as the Leadership Centre of B.C. He was also director of project management for the Ministry of Human Resources. Christenson has held a number of management positions in the Criminal Justice Branch during a 12-year period before pursuing opportunities in the CIO office, where he was project director, e-BC Strategy.

    Dale Christenson believes that learning needs to be practical, useful and fun. Christenson blends different approaches to project management and change management into his consulting and training practice. He travels extensively, throughout the world, teaching and consulting.

    Session Description

    Project Management Fundamentals, is a one hour introductory seminar that creates awareness for project managers and project team members as to how they may deliver successful projects on time, on budget and in scope.  You will learn about project management from ‘concept to cash’ or from the initial contemplation of a project to the realization of its benefits after successful implementation. 
    The Project Management Fundamentals seminar will provide participants with an understanding of the project management discipline. During the course, participants will gain knowledge of the following topics:
    •  Basic concepts of a project and project management
    •  Common Project Management terminology
    •  Project life cycles and frameworks
    •  Project phases and processes
    •  Critical success factors for successful project outcomes (research based from a meta study)
    •  Review of the 10 knowledge areas of project management
    •  Review the 5 processes of project management (Initiating, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Closing)
    •  Learn why you should party more