Breakout 5
  • Tuesday 13:00pm

    BCEHS First Responder Program

    Blaine Wiggins

    Blaine Wiggins

    Before assuming the First Responder and First Nations Liaison role, Blaine spent five years as a BCAS District Superintendent managing various districts across the province. In addition to BCAS, other positions in include Director of Protective Services (Fire-EMS Chief) in Nunavut, Executive Director of FNESS and extensive volunteer fire experience. In addition has maintained a volunteer administrative role with the Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada working towards improving fire life safety on First Nations communities across Canada.

    Session Description

    This session will provide an update on the BCEHS First Responder program utilized by the BC Fire Service. Topics covered will include the new First Responder agreement that has been under development, equipment and supplies updates, dispatch and communications. Additional topics will include new tools for First Responders and clinical updates.