Breakout 7
  • Tuesday 14:45pm

    Playbook Panel

    Moderated by
    Fire Chief Don Jolley

    Representing an Exterior Dept:
    Representing an Interior Dept:  Chief Aaron Poirier
    Representing a Full Service Dept :
    Chief Chris Jankowski
    Representing a Regional District:  Chief Jason De Jong
    Representing CAOs:  Laurie Hurst

    Panel Discussion

    The object of this Forum is to share tips and success stories on how these Chiefs have successfully incorporated the Playbook into their organizations.  It is not a Why session, it is a HOW session.  Assisting those other Chief’s with some strategies on how to be successful with the Playbook.  A positive session moving forward with the playbook.


    How are you determining service level when there is a wide variety of attendance and/or training levels for members depending on time of day or day of week?

    How are you managing accountability for your members with different training levels?  How are you identifying them? 

    What format is being used in your jurisdictions to declare training and service levels - local bylaw or department/jurisdiction policy?  Why did you choose that format?

    What are some of the pro’s and con’s internally that your specific department is experiencing with the Playbook transition? (Eg.  costs, training access, FF participation, lack of certification, etc)  How are you addressing them?

    How are you locally addressing the requirement for pre-fire planning as part of the interior service and training level?  How are you managing and tracking who has completed the training and Pre Incident knowledge needed before entry?

    How are differences in service level and training being managed across the jurisdictions within Mutual Aid agreements?