Keynote 2
  • Thursday 14:45pm

    Keynote Closing - Courage Inside the Fire

    Darby Allen

    Darby Allen

    A native of Birmingham, England, where he worked as a Fireman for the Hampshire Fire Brigade, Darby emigrated to Canada in 1990, beginning work as a Fire Fighter with the Calgary Fire Department in 1992, moving up in rank from Training Officer to Assistant Deputy Chief of Operations, before moving on to Fort McMurray Fire Service in 2009 and becoming Fire Chief in January of 2013. Consistently calm and collected, he shot to international recognition as the lead spokesperson and the man that drove the evacuation of the entire community of Fort McMurray to safety, while the entire nation watched in horror as the fire threatened. Throughout the ensuing days and weeks, his updates on the status of the fire in the community and its impact on the surrounding area was often the only constant source of information for those impacted by the tragic events. He provided calm reassurance on the status of the community and when it came time to welcome residents back, he and his team were there with open arms to bring people back in to the city.

    Session Description

    Courage Inside the Fire

    • The week leading up to it
    • The Decision-making model used for the evacuations
    • His personal observations
    • Leadership
    • And an option for Q&A at the end