Sunrise 10
  • Thursday 7:15am

    Sunrise Session 10 - WorkSafeBC Forms

    Kevin Birnie

    Kevin Birnie
    Occupational Safety Officer at Worksafe BC

    I have been with Worksafe BC for the past 28 years as an Occupational Safety Officer, I spent 7 years working from our Richmond Office, then 10 years in our Prince George Office and the past 11 years here in the Okanagan Valley in our Kelowna office. Prior to my career at Worksafe BC, I was the Safety Supervisor at Skeena Cellulose Pulp Mill in Prince Rupert.
    Part of my duties there included managing & training the Industrial Fire Department at the Mill. We had a contingent of 12 volunteer members who’s regular jobs were within the mill, we had a 600 gallon water tender and a fully staffed emergency first aid station. As well I am a current GSAR member of the local Central Okanagan Search & Rescue Society here in Kelowna, and hold the position of Safety Director with COSAR.

    Co-presenter Eric Tupholme

    Session Description

    This session will provide a working knowledge workshop of the forms necessary for reporting injuries, incidents & investigations.