Sunrise 12
  • Thursday 7:15am

    Sunrise Session 12 - Environmental Emergencies and Spill Regime Update

    Alan Stebbing

    Alan Stebbing

    Alan is an Environmental Emergency Response Officer with the BC Ministry of Environment. Prior to this position he spent over 10 years in the municipal fire service, with 9 years as a career Chief Officer. He served as Deputy Director of the Volunteer Sector for 3 year with the FCABC and is a member of the RCOC. He has a passion for operational emergency response and building strong relationships between all responders.
    Alan lives in Fort St John with his wife of 3.5 years (who honeymooned at the 2013 FCABC Conference) and started a Masters in Leadership at Royal Roads University in January of 2017. He enjoys singing in the community choir and volunteering with Scouts, ESS, and North Peace Search and Rescue.

    Session Description

    The BC Ministry of Environment’s Environmental Emergencies Program is the lead Provincial agency for dealing with hazardous materials incidents and spills. The 16 Response Officers provide expertise and support to all responders when dealing with hazmat incidents to ensure the Province’s interests are protected. In 2016, the Environmental Management Act was amended to support a new regime dealing with spills in BC. The regulations to bring this new regime are now being developed and implemented.
    This session will give a brief overview of the Environmental Emergencies Program and will highlight how the program can assist Chiefs during incidents in their areas. It will also cover the new Spill Regime: what is in place today, what is coming, and how it will affect spill and hazmat response in BC. Questions and input are encouraged and I look forward to discussing how to build better bridges between the Fire Service and the Environmental Emergencies Program.
    For more information on the spill regime, please see