Sunrise 3
  • Tuesday 7:15am

    Sunrise Session 3 - Worksafe BC Research on Indigenous Leadership on Structural Firefighting


    FNESS Panel
    Kynan O'Rourke
    Wayne Schnitzler
    Emerson Adolph
    Curtis Dick
    Brent Langlois

    Kynan is an active member of the West Kelowna Fire Department where he holds the rank of Captain. He has been actively serving for over 11 years in this exciting industry. Kynan is a Training Officer and is instrumental in leading the Junior Firefighter Program at West Kelowna Fire Dept. specializing in forcible entry, big box search, large water attacks. Born and raised in Kelowna, lived in the Okanagan Valley. Tsawwassen First Nation is his community; his grandmother was a leader within the Coastal Salish Nation. His immediate family still resides on the coast within the TFN lands.

    Wayne brings extensive municipal fire services experience to his more than twenty years of work with FNESS. He facilitates Fire Protection Governance Workshops for First Nations Chiefs, Council members and administrators that provide practical tools for supporting fire prevention and fire departments in their communities.

    Emerson Adolph is an active volunteer Fire Department member serving the District of Lillooet and his community of Xaxl’ip in the Interior of B.C.
    He began his career with First Nation Emergency Services Society as an On-Call Casual worker, then when the opportunity arose, became a fulltime member of the Fire Services Department where he currently holds the position of Fire Services Manager.
    The reward of helping communities achieve a higher level of fire protection for their safety cannot be put into words but are grateful to assist.

    Curtis was born and raised in Ahousaht BC, started as volunteer firefighter with Ahousaht volunteer fire department, became the training officer then promoted to Fire Chief. Curtis also became Ahousaht’s Emergency coordinator, held a position on elected council, and then he became deputy chief and chief councilor for Ahousaht.
    Curtis began with FNESS in 2015 and enjoys working first hand with communities seeing the hard work, dedication and networking of many fire departments throughout BC.

    Brent began as Manager of the Forest Fuel Management Department of the First Nations’ Emergency Services Society of BC.
    He held instructional and Department Head duties with a First Nations technical institute for 11 years, and has over 15 years of forest fire suppression related duties. He has managed provincial and federal partnership programs related to forest fuel management and effects on community safety. Currently, Brent is the Executive Director of FNESS.

    Session Description

    As a continuation to the successful Sunrise Session from 2016, FNESS will present one of the efforts made since last year to assist First Nation communities with enhancing their fire protection level. The research study that will be presented identifies leadership criteria in understanding the current and future leadership needs for BC First Nations fire officers. Also, it develops an initial competency framework to aid in recruitment and selection, performance management, learning and development and succession planning endeavours.
    During this presentation FNESS will outline:
    •           Background
    •           Methodology
    •           Results
    •           Conclusions
    •           Recommendations