Sunrise 4
  • Tuesday 7:15am

    Sunrise Session 4 - Confined Space Rescue - What a Fire Chief needs to know .

    John Kenyon

    John Kenyon - Retired Operations Chief, City of Port Coquitlam Fire and Emergency Services

    John has been actively involved in all aspects of confined space rescue training and services for over 20 years and continues to be an active trainer for fire departments and industry around BC.
    As one of the founding owners and a Director of Dynamic Rescue Systems Group of Companies, which is a full service rescue provider, to Industry and fire departments, John has been active participant in the development confined space rescue procedures and response nationwide.
    John takes pride in understanding the needs and response capabilities for fire departments and brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the understanding of just how dangerous confined space rescue can be to unsuspecting emergency responders and other would-be rescuers.
    With the experienced gained in the field, working with utilities, construction, and industry, John understands that ultimately the fire department will be the deployed, and the fire chief will need to know what to do in these dangerous situations.

    Session Description

    Dealing with a confined space emergency event is a rarity, but when it occurs, ultimately the fire department will get deployed and drawn into the event.
    Every community has a multitude of confined spaces within its jurisdiction. From their own utilities, to industrial stakeholders, to external utilities providers and construction, there is always someone working in these confined spaces.
    Regulations require the owner of the confined space is to ensure that work being done is performed in a safe manner and yet incidents continue to happen.
    It is usually a series of unexpected events that occur, that something does go wrong, more than one worker is injured, and fire department responders end up engaged in a response they may not be prepared for. History shows that six out of ten people who die in confined spaces are the would-be rescuers and that history continues to repeat itself.
    This presentation will help the fire chief to understand why these emergencies happen and what approach the fire department must take in order to deal with a confined space emergency, including, the requirements and considerations, for rescue that will ensure the safety of his staff and members.