Sunrise 7
  • Wednesday 7:15am

    Sunrise Session 7 - Fentanyl Safety Primer for Emergency Responders

    James Browne

    James Browne
    Occupational Safety Officer, North District RCMP

    I am a Canadian Registered Safety Professional currently working as the Regional Chief of Occupational Safety for the RCMP and my responsibility is the safety of all RCMP employees in BC and the Yukon.
    My work history includes Safety in Mining and Oil & Gas, as well as working for several years in a laser design and manufacturing lab, where I led an Earthquake SAR / Hazmat team. It was my time with that team that made me decide that I wanted to get to the other side of the incident and try to prevent injuries rather than respond to them.

    Session Description

    1. Why is fentanyl the new normal?
    2. How is fentanyl impacting the RCMP?
    3. What does the RCMP/Police want from our fire halls?
    4. What are firefighters likely to see?
    5. Discussion of incidents.
    6. Questions.?